Combining leading-edge technology, 经验, 研究, and old-fashioned hard work, Harrison 金融服务 is committed to developing lasting relationships that help families build a better life, 遗产, 和社区.


Their expert team of 23, 总部设在奥马哈, puts clients’ interests first with innovative and specialized planning to help them reach their life goals, 无论多么独特. Harrison 金融服务’ tailor-made approach revolves around designing a personalized plan that fits each client’s lifestyle and puts them on a path to success.


Founded by Tim Harrison in 1997, Harrison 金融服务 prides itself on exemplifying a culture of gratitude, accountability 和社区. With these values at the forefront, HFS has continued to evolve and improve its business practices. One vital component- consulting with key clients that serve on their Board of Advisors.


“It has been a game changer for our firm. The Board of Advisors has proven to be instrumental in our growth. 在我看来, it is the best way for a business to get feedback from and stay close to clients and even key prospects,贾斯汀·罗尔夫斯说, Director of Marketing at Harrison 金融服务.


And they put that feedback to good use, implementing out-of-the-box strategies to drive them ahead of their competition.


“We invest in our people, inverting the traditional ratio of advisors to support staff of 4:1 to our ratio at HFS of 1:4. This allows us to have the resources and capacity to service our clients expeditiously and comprehensively.”


HFS’ drive to make a difference doesn’t stop with their clients. Team members are encouraged to volunteer with community organizations, and multiple teammates serve on the boards of local nonprofits. HFS also donates to many organizations around Omaha, including The Salvation Army, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, United Way of the Midlands and UNO.


其核心是, Harrison 金融服务 is a purpose-driven organization that thrives on providing the best quality services for its clients- helping families build a better life, 遗产, 和社区 right here in Omaha.


Winning Insights from Our Winner:

The Value of Chamber Involvement: The Chamber has helped HFS by creating meaningful connections and opportunities to interact with our clients and potential clients. Because of the different programming options with the Chamber, we have participated in a wide range of events that brought together people who fit with our client demographics. Our one guarantee to our clients is that we will make a connection for them that will impact their life and the Chamber has done that for us.


Cultivating a Strong Company Culture: HFS has numerous ways in which we support employee growth and development. One way is by providing pathways for team members to continue their education and earn additional industry credentials. We invest heavily in the education of our team, which has increased the expertise present on our team but has also allowed those team members to expand their knowledge base and progress in their careers.


Overall Operating Philosophy: We get up daily excited to deliver on our purpose, helping families build a better life, 遗产, 和社区. It truly is at the center of every client meeting, interaction, and internal discussion. Having that constantly be top of mind, combined with our core values of Purpose Driven (always living and working with a purpose), Kaizen (continuous learning and development), and Grit (doing whatever it takes to get the job done right), creates extreme motivation and purpose in not only what we are doing for our clients but why we are doing it.


Approach to Customer Service: Everyone at HFS feels we are here to serve others and help our clients build a better life, 遗产, 和社区. We can deliver expert customer service only by keeping our core values in mind. Focusing on serving others and customer services leads to tremendous customer satisfaction, showcased through our world class net promoter score of 91.